Meet Kenya

Hello and welcome to my store! My name is Kenya- creator, designer, and maker of The Mary Elizabeth Home Collection. Mary Elizabeth is named after my maternal great-grandmother and grandmother respectively- the original seamstresses in my family. My grandmothers passed down the art of sewing to my favorite aunt, who I watched sew (and received many dope outfits) while I was growing up. I felt my brand should be named after them since that is where it all started.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Mary Elizabeth Bags in 2017. Shortly before launching, I knew I wanted to start a home collection in the future. I love all things for the home- from making pillows and throws, to building desks and storage benches (I love woodwork too!), to finding the perfect frames for hanging pictures. 

I consider my style of decor to be modern, yet eclectic. I tend to decorate based on what invokes joy in our space, so there are elements in my home that range from traditional to mid-century modern. Oh and there's a LOT of plants! I love mixing it up and who says you have to stick to just one style?

Thanks for dropping by my tiny corner of the internet! I hope you hang around and find something you love.